The dust and fibres removed from the rotary filter surface in the plant are collected in the dust rooms. Manual Dust Collection; dust is brought to compactors and then a sack is placed underneath the dust collectors for dust and they are emptied manually when the sacks are full.

Automatic Dust Collection; metal dust reservoirs are mounted instead of the sacks. Clamps are placed on the outlet of the collectors and the dust is carried to the cyclones via round pipes.

Depending on the automation the slider work as on/off and the dust and fibres are collected from them. The dust and fibres are compressed with screw by connected gearbox.

Rotary Filters

To filter dust and fibre efficiently.

Dust Fans

Suitable to convey dust waste in
textile industry.

Dust Collector Bags & Paddles

To store dust from rotary filter.

Dust Separator

To separate fine dust particles
from the air stream

Automatic Dust Collection Machine
(Cyclone & Micro Filter)

To collect dust particles from dust room
and compressed by the means of screw with