Energy efficiency; the highest efficiency In all stages of process from production to consumption and with the use of new technologies, without the loss of production or qual/ty or performance by reducing the energy consumption.

Temsan sets the target of designing each product that it designs with high performance and efficiency.

  • New generation high efficiency axial and radial fan blades.
  • Supply and Return Air underground channels and overhead ducting designs that minimizes pressure loss and reduces energy consumption.
  • Special Filter Media/Plush usage for reducing of the static pressure in the rotary filter and the increases of efficiency.
  • Optimum rotary filter suction surface area calculation for energy savings.
  • With the Inverters, ideal air changes are ensured to increase the energy efficiency.
  • Automatic dust collection machine with energy saving and also low manpower cost.
  • Aerodynamic air supply plate and diffuser designs to minimize energy consumption.
  • Sprinklers reducing energy consumption by high water pulverization.
  • Energy efficiency is ensured by control and tracking with data from automation.
  • Optimum humidifying cell designs and dimensions for minimum energy consumption.
  • Optimal damper designs with minimal air flow resistance and low energy consumption.
  • Optimum ground slot & duct diffuser designs and air velocity to increase energy efficiency.
  • Thanks to our automation with unique control system for getting energy saving.